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Biological Terrain Assessment
*Currently unavailable during technical refurbishment*


Biological Terrain Assessment is a method of measuring our internal environment, or "biological terrain." 

Based on the most advanced research in Europe and America it has been found that by evaluating samples of:

saliva and 

Then accurately measuring the three parameters of:

pH (acid-alkaline balance); 
redox potential (the degree of oxidation); and 
resistivity (the degree of mineralisation) 

It is then possible to monitor one’s overall health status, energy reserves, digestive efficiency and the body’s susceptibility to the major degenerative diseases.

Our biological terrain reflects our health and determines the quality of our life. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites will only thrive in a terrain that supports them in much the same way that plants fail to grow or become infected by bugs and parasites if the soil is deficient or imbalanced.


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